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When a legal issue arises between parties, going to trial may not be the best way to solve their problems. Litigation can be an expensive and time-consuming process, and parties often can settle their disputes without resorting to battling in court.

At NJ Mediator Resolution Services, LLC, John F. Gelson offers more than 30 years of experience providing mediation and arbitration services throughout New Jersey. Mr. Gelson is  qualified to handle a wide variety of matters through mediation and arbitration, including:

  • Construction disputes
  • Complex commercial disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Personal injury matters
  • Complex civil disputes

Mr. Gelson has mediated more than a thousand disputes throughout New Jersey and New York, helping many parties avoid litigation and save their time and money.

Our mediator

John F. Gelson, has been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey since 1995 as a Court-Appointed Mediator. He is recognized as one of the top mediators in the state and has resolved over 800 disputes. A significant portion of Mr. Gelson's practice includes mediating construction defect and damages for delay disputes.  He has an almost unblemished track record of resolving even the most complex and complicated construction disputes.  He is recognized in New Jersey and New York by the construction bar and insurance companies as one of the premier mediators of construction disputes.  In the past two years, Mr. Gelson has successfully settled many difficult and challenging cases. Some of these include:

  1. Construction (Multi-Party-Middlesex County) RREEF American REIT Corp., Y.Y. Y.V. REIT v. Auber et al (Middlesex County) confidential settlement (December 2012)
  2. Construction (Multi-Party-Middlesex County)-Maple Woods at Piscataway Condominium Association v. Maple Woods at Piscataway, LLC, et al. (Middlesex County) settled for $2,200,000 (June 2012)
  3. Construction (Multi-Party-Essex County)-Integrated Construction v. Township of Livingston, et al. (Essex County) settled for $1,100,000 (May 2012)
  4. Construction (Multi-Party-Bergen County) Bears Nest Condominium Association, Inc. v. Bears Nest Developers, et al.. (Bergen County) Mediated a complex construction claim consolidated with    insurance company declaratory actions involving over 40 contractors and sub-contractors, settled for $4,590,000 (May 2011)
  5. Construction (Multi-Party) (Pre-Suit)-Princeton Board of Education v. Ernest Bock & Sons, Inc., settled for $4,600,000 (January 2011)
  6. Minority Shareholder Dispute -(Morris County) settled for $3,000,000 (November 2010)
  7. Commercial Litigation -(Ocean County) Manchester Capital, LLC v. PGD Developers, LLC, et al., settled for $1,850,000 (August 2010)
  8. Personal Injury (Middlesex County) Hanif v. Empire Fire & Marine Insurance Co., settled for $550,000 (August 2010)
  9. Fire Insurance Claim (Cape May County) Samax, Inc. v. J. Byrne Agency, settled for $1,850,000 (November 2009)
  10. Construction (Multi-Party) (Burlington County) North Hanover Board of Education v. Jersey Coast Construction, Inc., settled in excess of $675,000 (September 2009)

    You can rest assured that we have the dedication, experience and skill to help you resolve your problems in a calm, collected and cost-effective manner.

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